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Melody Makers, Chapter 10.

Fandom: Glee
Title: Melody Makers
Pairing: Puckleberry
Rating: T
Disclaimer: I don't own Glee it belongs to Ryan Murphy and Fox
Summary:When Rachel overhears something she wasn't ment to, she decides its time to change her life. Puckleberry. Brittanaberry/Cherryford/Matchel friendships.

Early Thursday morning Rachel's cell went off. She smiled as she saw that it was a text from Noah. He had said that his truck wasn't starting and would she be able to collect him on her way to cheerio practice. Coach Beiste would have his head on a platter if he was late again. She sent him a text saying that she was just leaving and would be five minutes. He opened the door to see her standing there holding a see through drinks cup with a purple liquid in it and a paper bag. "It's a fruit smoothie and homemade flapjack. All made by me." She told him. This was, in his opinion the best way to start the day. A homemade breakfast and Rachel Berry in a Cheerio's uniform with a big ass smile that lit up the whole of her pretty face.

"You are awesome Rach." He told her before digging into his breakfast.

"You're welcome Noah...I mean Puck. Sorry. It's a habit."

"No. It's OK. I like it when you call me Noah. But only you can." He replied.

"Well then I feel honoured."

"I actually wanted to ask you something." He took a deep breath.

"Yes?" She asked when didn't say another thing.

"?" He rushed out.

"Could you repeat that?" She asked him

"Would you like to come out with me on Saturday night?" He asked more slowly.

"I would love to." She answered him and he saw her smile brightly. Not her show businesses smile. The real Rachel Berry smile that gave him butterflies.

"I'll see you at your locker after practice?" He asked and when she nodded her answer he said "Oh and thanks for breakfast." He then gave her a peck on the cheek and ran off too practice.

After practice Rachel was at her locker getting her books ready for the day. "Hey Rachel" She heard someone talk to her and when she turned around she saw Finn lumbering over her.

"Hey Finn" She replied and turned back to her locker to fix her books.

"So, how are you?" He asked trying to look sexy.

"I'm OK." She looked at him from the corner of her eye. "Is something wrong with your face." She asked and saw his face go a bit red.

He tried to causally lean against the locked and nearly fell. Rachel had trouble not laughing in his face. "So what do you say, you, me, dinner, on Saturday night,"

"Aren't you dating Quinn?" Rachel asked him suspiciously.

"She'll never have to know." He answered.

A few lockers down were Santana and Brittany. Santana turned to her girlfriend and spoke quietly. "Where's my spoon? It's time to stir things up a bit." They then walked over to stand behind Rachel. Just before she was about to rip Finn a new one Santana interrupted. "Can we help you Frankenteen?"

"I wasn't talking to you Satan." Finn spat at her.

"Don't call her that." Brittany scolded.

"Well I just call it like I see them. She is Satan. You're just too stupid to notice."

Before Santana or Rachel could respond Brittany spoke. "The advantage of being clever is that I can pretend to be stupid, the opposite, as I'm sure you know, is more difficult."

"Huh?" Finn asked scratching his head.

Rachel blew out a frustrated breath. "Were you always this stupid or are you making a special effort today?"

"It looks like it." Santana added. "If he was twice as smart, he'd still be stupid."

"It looks like his face caught on fire and someone tried to put it out with a fork." Brittany said absentmindedly twiling a strand of hair around her finger.

"OK. We're going." Rachel said as she linked arms with them and walked off.

It happened again later on lunch, only this time it was Kurt and Mercedes. "How could you do that to us?" Mercedes demanded.

"Oh. I'm sorry, did my back hurt your knife." Rachel told them.

"We're sorry." Kurt and Mercedes said but Rachel could tell they didn't mean it and they knew this.

"You're not sorry, you're just sorry that I found out."

"Well you stole Tina!" Kurt shouted.

"Tina's her own person, she can make up her own mind." Kurt and Mercedes huffed and stormed away.

When the New Directions didn't get the results they wanted they went whining to Mr Schue who then went to complain to Sue. "You better get control of you Cheerio's." He fumed at her.

"And why would I need to do that William." She asked curiously.

"They have been bullying my glee club." Sue laughed in his face. "I'll go to Figgins." He threatened.

"Then I'll say that they're very sorry, but not before I tell Figgins about your little band of ragtag misfits and how you were there when Ray was being bullied and you stood by and did nothing." She smirked evilly. "And you know I can be very persuasive."

"Well can you at least stop them from mocking my glee club?"

"I always encourage my students to tell the truth William." She told him. "You have a face a mother could love...unfortunately she hates it." His face dropped. "As you can see, I share this important quality with my Cheerio's." She continued on. "And telling your students to be themselves could not have been worse advice."

"Sue, I give great advice to my kids."

"Like when you tell them that inner beauty is what counts."

"Exactly Sue, I knew I could get through to you." He smiled at her and she cringed.

"The only people who care about inner beauty are the outer uglies. Now I have a phoner soon; that's an interview on the telephone, with a major media outlet. I'll probably do it on my iPhone."

Will wasn't in a happy mood, so when he saw Rachel he blew up. "Rachel. Are you happy with what you've done?"

"What?" She asked.

"Ruining the Glee club. And I'm not too happy with how you've treating the New Directions."

"I didn't ruin it. I was sick of being treated like crap."

"You were being spoilt and selfish. New Direction's were a family." He ragged.

"Family is supposed to be caring, nurturing and unconditional, not smack talking backstabbers."

"Step away from my Cheerio!" Rachel heard Sue shout. "If you harm one hair on her pretty little head I will end you."



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