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Melody Makers, Chapter 9.

Fandom: Glee
Title: Melody Makers
Pairing: Puckleberry
Rating: T
Disclaimer: I don't own Glee it belongs to Ryan Murphy and Fox
Summary:When Rachel overhears something she wasn't ment to, she decides its time to change her life. Puckleberry. Brittanaberry/Cherryford/Matchel friendships.

Tina was glad she had gone home to think about what she was going to do. While talking it out with her Mom she came up with an idea of how to choose whether to stay with New Direction or move to Melody Makers. She was going to call it 'The Plan'. It wasn't a very original name, but she had spent all of her time coming up with 'The Plan' that she didn't have time to think of a name. First she wanted to talk to Me Schue. She had decided the time was after Spanish class. She approached him hesitantly. "Me Schue I was wondering if I could talk to you?" She asked him. She thought he might apologize for his outburst yesterday but he did no such thing.

"It's not about getting a solo again is it?" He huffed. "You're going to have to learn to be a team player."

When she heard this she felt her blood boil. "A team player, Are you kidding me. I have been a team player. I stood in the background and swayed and never complained. I have never been given a solo. In don't mean a solo in a competition solo. I mean a solo at practice." When it looked like he was going to interrupt she continued quickly. "Do you know the last time I sang a solo in New Directions was? It was when I auditioned. I am sick of being a team player." She was nearly shouting towards the end. She didn't wait for him to answer before she turned around and left. She then went to her locker to change her books when she was approached by Kurt and Mercedes. It was time for part one of 'The Plan'.

"Kurt and I were wondering if you wanted to spend lunch with us while we practice our solos." Mercedes asked.

It took all her strength not to slam her locker closed. "I can't. But I wanted to talk to you about something. I've decided to join Melody Makers." She told them.

"Oh no you didn't." Mercedes spoke as she clicked her fingers. Mercedes was glaring at her and Kurt's left eye was twitching.

"We can still be friends though, right?"

"NO! Either you can be our friend in New Directions or you can desert us and join the enemy. You can let us know if you make the right decision." Kurt spoke and they both stormed off.

Tina then sent a text to Rachel asking her if she could meet up. It was time for part two of the 'The Plan'. "Hey Tina." Rachel greeted her.

"I've decided to stay in New Directions. But I was hoping we would still be friends."

"If that's what makes you happy. And of course we can still be friends." Rachel assured her.

Tina thought of the different response she had gotten. "Actually I want to join Melody Makers."

"OK." Rachel was confused.

"I just wanted to see if you would still be my friend whatever I choose. When I told Kurt and Mercedes that said they wouldn't talk to me if I joined your club. Do you think that was manipulative of me?"

"No. You just wanted to be sure. Are you sure you want to join if it means they stop talking to you?"

"Yes. Friends don't make ultimatums. And anyway I'm sick of their gossiping. And you know what they say if friends gossip with you they probably gossip about you too."

"After practice a few of us are going to hang out at my house. Do you want to hang out with us?" Rachel offered.

"That would be great." Tina smiled at her.

After Tina left Mr Schue went in search of Sugar. "Hi Sugar, if you're still interested we would love to have you in New directions."

"Sorry. No can do. After you turned me down, I auditioned for Melody Makers and I got in."

"You're telling me that Rachel Berry allowed you to join?" When she nodded he continued. "Seriously, but you're an awful singer." She gave him the stink eye and walked away from him.

All thirty of the Melody Makers were in the auditorium. Practice was nearly over when Rachel stood up, "We have time for one more song" Rachel told everyone "I would be privileged if Tina would sing a duet with me."

"I would love to." Tina told her.

(Rachel, Tina, Everyone.)

first, when there's nothing but a slow glowing dream
that your fear seems to hide deep inside your mind
all alone i have cried, silent tears full of pride
in a world made of steel, made of stone

well i hear the music
close my eyes, feel the rhythm
wrap around, take a hold of my heart

what a feeling
being's believin'
i can have it all, now i'm dancing for my life
take your passion
and make it happen
pictures come alive, you can dance right through your life

now i hear the music
close my eyes, i am rhythm
in a flash it takes hold of my heart

what a feeling
being's believin'
i can have it all, now i'm dancing for my life
take your passion
and make it happen
pictures come alive, now i'm dancing through my life

what a feeling

what a feeling
(i am music now)
being's believin'
(i am rhythm now)
pictures come alive, you can dance right through your life

what a feeling
(i can really have it all)
what a feeling
(pictures come alive when i call)
i can have it all
(i can really have it all)
have it all
(pictures come alive when i call)
call, call, call, call
(what a feeling)
i can have it all
(being's believin')
being's believin'
(take your passion)
(make it happen)
make it happen
what a feeling

Everyone clapped when they were finished. "You were great Tina." Mike complemented her and Rachel noticed the blush on Tina's cheeks.

"Are you going to Rachel's house after this?" Tina asked him.

"Ya." Beside them Santana rolled her eyes and muttered "Oblivious."

At Rachel's house Matt, Blaine Puck and Mike were in the living room while Rachel, Tina, Santana, Brittany and Aria were in the kitchen. Rachel was cooking them dinner.

"I didn't know you could cook." Brittany spoke. "Vey domestic goddess Rachy."

Santana was helping, meaning she was trying to taste everything. "Stop." Rachel scolded her as she slapped her hand. "If you keep eating there'll be no food left for everyone else."

"And you'll get fat." Brittany mumbled as she chopped the ingredients for the salad. Tina held her breath and waited for Santana to snap but was shocked when she just smiled sweetly at the blonde dancer.

"So Tina." Santana smirked. Tina knew she wasn't goning to like what was coming next. "What's going on between you and Mike?" She was right.

"I...I...I don't know wh..what you're ta...talking about." Tina stammered.

"Tina and Mike sitting up a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G" Brittany sang.

When Rachel giggled Tina shot back. "What about you and Puck?"

"..." Rachel couldn't think of anything to say but was saved when the guys walked into the kitchen. "Blaine, will you set the table?"

It was after dinner when everything had been cleared away, Puck had to go home to look after his sister. Rachel walked him to the door. "So, Rachel do you want to..."

"Rachel, get your ass in here!" Santana shouted interrupting Puck.

"I'll be there in one minute." Rachel shouted back. "I'm sorry Noah, what were you saying?"

They were then interrupted again by Pucks phone going off. "That's my mom. She's waiting for me to get home so she can get to work. But"

"Rachel!" Santana shouted again.

"I better go before she bursts a vein." Rachel said and smiled sweetly at him.

"Ya." He managed to get out. "I'll see you tomorrow."


Below are members of Melody Makers

Ed Westwick (Chuck)Rachel Bilson (Amelia)Dijon Talton (Matt)Tiffany Hines (Michelle)Zach Roerig (Mark)Michael Trevino (Tyler)Candice Accola ( Caroline)Kat Graham (Bonnie)Alya Kell (Sophia)Paul Wesley (Stefan)Ian Somerhalder (Damon)Nina Dobrev (Elena)Shailene Woodley (Alexandra)Blake Lively (Serena)Leighton Meester (Blair)Dakota Fanning (Zoe)Telly Leung (Wes)Eddy Martin (Thad)Riker Lynch (Jeff)Curt Mega (Nick)Titus Makin (David)Grant Gustin (Sebastian)Harry Shum Jr (Mike)Darren Criss (Blaine)Mark Salling (Noah-Puck)Lucy Hale (Aria)Jenna Ushkowitz (Tina)Heather Morris (Brittany)Naya Rivera (Santana)Lea Michele (Rachel)



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